"Peter gets results. My ex-wife did everything she could to conjure up lies to send me to jail.  I ... turned to Peter.  We took our case in front of a jury, and he was able to contradict my ex-wife's testimony and extract the truth. The jury ... within an hour returned a not guilty verdict."  Charles


"Peter inspires trust and confidence.  He is an excellent attorney."  Susan


"Catherine is the number one lawyer in my life. She saved my life. By getting me out of trouble she brought happiness to my family."  Tam


"This lawyer went out of her way to defend my son (a convicted felon). She had knowlege of the laws. She was prepared. She stood up to the Federal agents and the judge who continually tried to shut her out. I think they were rude and short with her just because she is a woman, but she stuck to her preparations and won the case for my son who is a convicted felon. But the evidence was there and she prooved that my son was innocent of the trumpted up charges. Saved him 7 years in prison. We will be forever grateful. She is very hard working, honest. I would choose her again in a heartbeat. Thanks, Catherine!!!!"  Marcia